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Mock Table Set-ups

We understand that it can be difficult to bring all of those beautiful ideas in your mind into reality. It is for this reason that we offer mock table set-ups. By simply sending us a few pinterest photos of ideas and colors you love, we will set a full table, free of charge, and book an appointment for you to come in and view what your wedding could look like. There are no hidden fees, no strings attached. We just love for brides to be able to see their ideas brought to life and be able to bounce thoughts and questions off of our stylists. We work with every bride to get them the exact look they want at a price that they can afford.

Table Setting

Oftentimes, brides spend so much time planning their day and forget that someone actually has to put it all together when the big moment comes around. At Bride and Joy, we offer a table setting service for the day before or day of. This includes the placing of the tablecloths, setting of the plates, chargers, glasses, napkins silverware, and also the setting of the centerpieces, which can include the arranging of flowers. It is our goal to give you the perfect look for your wedding day without you having to be there doing it all yourself.

Trust us, you will want to be pampering yourself and getting pedicures with your bridesmaids. Not sweating over tables and lugging boxes of decor to and fro.


With the invention of Pinterest came the realization that most of us are not nearly as artistic as we’d like to be. You can try writing on chalkboards or do all of those name cards yourself, but they might not be quite the look you wanted.

At Bride and Joy, we offer a writing service which starts at $5 and adjusts as the items and writing gets bigger. We want you to still have the fancy look you want, but not have to pay Etsy hundreds of dollars to get it. Send us a photo of your piece or any questions you might have and we will be happy to give you a quote!

Event Planning + Styling

Excited about your wedding day, but feeling overwhelmed with setup and getting ready all in one day? Bride and Joy now offers event planning and styling for every need. Whether you simply want table settings placed or your arbor decorated, or someone to run your wedding day, we can help make your day less stressful at an affordable price.