Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer delivery and pickup?

Yes we do! Delivery and pickup starts at $200 round trip for our local venues and can change depending on how far your venue is from our showroom. We waive the packing fee when you include our pickup and delivery service.

Can we pick-up and drop-off items ourselves?

You are welcome to pick up any tiems that can be packed in bins or boxes with a $25 packing fee. Bigger items require delivery and pickup. This preserves our items for longer as we know how to pack, transport and carry them properly. Keep in mind that if anything should break during your transport of our rentals, you will be charged a fee. We require a $200 minimum,

When should I reserve items?

Reserve your items as early as possible! We have limited quantities and some unique pieces so availability is limited. Items are yours once you sign and put down the deposit.

Do you require a minimum on orders?

We require a $200 minimum on all orders. We keep it lower than most companies because whether you're renting $5,000 worth of rentals or $200, we want you to get all the pieces you want. Whether you want us to deck out your whole event or fill in the small gaps you have, we are here to fit what you need!

What is the Styling Service?

On your big day you should be focused on getting ready and enjoying time with your loved ones. We prefer you to walk into your already decorated space and have your jaw drop instead of be in the nitty gritty yourself sweating and decorating until the final hour. After doing hundreds of events, we can see things from a photo perspective. We know the direction runners should lay, that chairs should be pulled out enough to not make your tablecloths be folded in funny and expose table legs, and the general flow the décor should have. Having us place your items can help both with event flow and make your photos look perfect.

Do you ship items?

Unfortunately we do not. Items have to be recieved back, cleaned, and prepped for the next client counting on the item to be ready for them. We can't trust that the mail system will get your items back to us in time to prepare them for the following weekend.

What is the rental period?

The rental period is 24 hours. The website states a "three day rental" period to provide the opportunity for you to have your items in transport to your event the day before and transported back the day after. We reserve rentals for you for a three day period so that we don't double book your items to another client for the same weekend and stress you to get them back to us. They are techinically rented out for 3 days but a lot of clients only have them for a day. We just want to accomodate whatever your weekend looks like.

The rental period on your site has a flat fee for 3 days. Am I able to use items for more than one event?

The 3 day flat fee period means that we give you a day before and a day after for transporting purposes only if you need it. We do not allow our items to be used for more than one event. Doing so means doubling the wear and tear on our items. If you would like to use items twice (for example your rehearsal and wedding day at the same venue) then we can offer 50% off the items for the second event. The items may not be trasported to a secondary location.

What is your policy on damaged items?

If an item gets damaged, we charge a fee of 3 times the rental cost of the item to replace it plus a $50 inconvenience fee for our time. If the item doesn't need to be replaced but needs a repair, we will charge you the amount of the repair plus a $50 inconvenience fee.

Does Bride and Joy participate in Styled Shoots?

We are honored to be a part of other vendor's visions! All items for shoots are yours at no cost. The only fee we charge is for the delivery and pickup of your items if you have bigger pieces.

If I chose to pickup and dropoff my items myself, what are the hours for that?

We will contact you the week of your event to nail down your pickup time. This will typically take place the day before or the day of your event. Dropoff will always be on Sundays from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. unless we discuss otherwise.

Am I able to come see the rentals in person?

Yes! We would love to have you in to see everything in person. We are by appointment only. We have 2 different type of appointment options for you to come in depending on how much guidance you need in styling and design. You can book an appointment under the CONTACT US tab.