New Year, New Owner

Updated: Feb 27

This year has been a whirlwind. Most of you know by now that at the end of 2018, I bought Bride + Joy Rentals and brought it under my planning company Jes Frank Events.

Joy, the previous owner of this rental company opened up her own event space called The Refinery...and it's GORGEOUS. It seems like every week she's added, renovated, or changed something and it surpasses the previous high bar it set. She wanted to sell Bride + Joy so she can focus on The Refinery and I'm so excited for her and to watch her new adventure!

As for the long story we both try to make short every time someone has asked us this year, Joy and I met 3 years ago when I used her rentals for a styled shoot. When I picked up and dropped off, we ended up talking for 2+ hours each time. Through the years we checked on each other every now and then. At the end of 2018, she emailed me that she was thinking of selling her rental company and would love to sell to me before making it public. She suggested I find a rental space in Culpeper, open a store, and run my planning company alongside the rental company. I told her 100% no on the store idea. I've established a life in Centreville and a 55 minute commute or a big home move didn't sound like it was in my plan. She was out the next day sending me photos of potential rental spaces. I slightly opened the door to the idea...

We got coffee, went over business numbers, accidentally stumbled on the perfect rental space together...I still wasn't fully in. It's a HUGE commitment to buy another company AND open a storefront. I prayed about this and I prayed A LOT. Every door was flying open for me and I found myself making an offer on the rental space as Joy and I realized we probably had to have our accountants draw up contracts for us. Cut to a couple weeks later, I was signing the contracts, the lease, and making the trek around Culpeper town getting utilities setup, my sign designed, and registering my company with the town. Nine giant U-Haul truck trips later, all the inventory was in my new store, my family and friends were painting and decorating, and I was sitting back realizing how beautiful it is to jump into something with both feet.

Here I am a year in, sitting in my store office, sipping some cold coffee (because it's taken me way too long to get my words out), and appreciating what 2019 brought. It's been a year of learning, praying, obviously some tears both from happiness and stress, countless pep talks from Joy, and discovering how important it is to know who you can count on and that it's ok to lean on them. I'm so thankful I stumbled on this website 4 years ago...little did I know that by 2020 I would be writing this post on it.

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