Rentals: Why We Do What We Do

For months and months, my mother and I scavenged the countryside in search of all of the perfect plates, glassware, candlesticks and vases for my own vintage chic wedding. We knew what we wanted, but there wasn't one easy place to find everything that we needed. So we shopped and spent many days and hours bargaining, tracking things down and amazon priming anything that could be amazon primed.

There was no one to ask, that didn't charge you a consult fee. There were dozens of websites to sort through, but who has time for that? Lord knows there were a million inspo boards on Pinterest that were downright overwhelming for someone on a tight budget.

So there I was; knowing nothing about how to plan my own wedding or anything that I actually needed. I just started hiring vendors, buying stuff I didn't need and spending a lot of money that I definitely didn't have.

In the end, it all turned out magnificent and beautiful.

But then all of the things.

Piled in every corner of my house, in any spare spot, sat boxes and boxes of things.

We tried selling them on Craigslist, to no avail (because we all know Craigslist people are SO reliable). We tried selling them to friends, but then who wants their wedding to look exactly like their best friends'?

Eventually, we took hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of THINGS to goodwill and breathed a sigh of relief as they were whisked away in the big blue carts.

Wedding planning is hard. Exhausting, in fact. You have to make sure you don't miss anything that will point back to you and say in glaring red letters THIS IS HER FIRST WEDDING. You want people to have fun. You want your guests to walk around and marvel at how beautiful everything looks.

So you obsess and you spend and you feel like you second guess every decision you make.

Trust me, we all do it.

But then I started thinking, what if this wasn't the norm? What if consults didn't cost money? What if brides could talk to wedding professionals and not feel like they had to pay them something at the end of it? What if all the things that were being collected could just be bought from one bride and rented to the next?

Thus Bride and Joy was born.

80% of our inventory has been purchased from your fellow brides and is now being rented at a fraction of the price. We purchase things that are on trend, being used widely and are in high demand. We then rent them for 1/4 of the purchase price.

Think about it this way: You want that adorable gold lantern from Anthropologie to be your centerpiece. As I'm sure we all know, nothing from Anthropologie comes at an adorable price. So you try to justify buying 16 lanterns at $45 each. That's a grand total of $720. For lanterns. That you'll use once.

Trust me when I say, THESE THINGS AREN'T WORTH IT.

Trust me when I say, you can RENT them for $12 each.

Trust me when I say, the hassle of buying and re-selling is not worth it.

At Bride and Joy, we value you and your money. We want your wedding to not feel like a business transaction. We know how hard you or your parents have worked for this money, so we help you find every way to stretch it.

We happily sit down with brides and talk budget. There are things and areas in a wedding that don't matter, and we will help you sniff those puppies out.

We are glad to talk vendors and pricing. We love offering suggestions of people we love to work with.

Wedding planning should not be a nightmare. It should not be something that you and your fiance, or you and your parents constantly bicker over.


Remember that.

If you want someone who is on your side and ready to help you, no strings attached, set up an appointment to talk with us. We can talk budget, rentals, coordinating, styling; you name it and we're happy to help.

Call 540.219.1559

or email:

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